What will our future hold

What will our future hold? Will it be an out break against powers of authority a dismantling of Nations’ and their governing bodies. Were greed and self-importance have taken over, whose only missions are linked to financial gain made clear by the damage and destruction to the environment. Or will there be a shift in focus to be a race of Human Beings whose primary directive will be to preserving a planet, in harmony with co-existence with all types of life elements to sustain a planet of self-sufficient means.

Will the future Universe of planets only see Earth as a society of classes bound by monetary gain and an unquenchable need to pillage and plunder the planet. Or as a race of Guardians of the Planet.

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Are income and poverty guidelines correct

I just do not see income and poverty guidelines as projecting the true state of affairs we are living in. I receive housing assistance Section 8. So today I was informed that since my daughter is making 10,000-13,000 at her part time job our rent will increase 300.00 a month. At this rate she will never be able to save for a car. Or to save to move out and live on her own as I did prior children.
With all the layoffs, and unemployment issues cost of food and living increases how can our income and poverty guideline levels be correct.
Currently poverty level for one person is below 13,000 In 2001 it was 18,000-21,000, and there is more unemployment and cost of living is off the board for 2011. In the eighties I was making 35,000 for a single person it was great. Then I was in an accident followed by children and homeless shelters went back to work from 95-2004. Now I am receiving SSDI and i cannot afford a $300.00 rent increase in a month. What am I suppose to do sent my daughter to a shelter?

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The Hemp Plant

There was a great article in the Los Angeles Times a few months ago. When I find it I will post it. It mentioned the Marijuana Crop(Hemp Plant) and the profit the State of California has made in less than a year. and the projections for the coming years. I am infavor of this.
Recently the City of Santa Fe Springs, CA. which by the way had many clinics opened as many as two on the same block throughout the city. And believe me they were making good business. About a week ago the city of Santa Fe Springs has closed many of the clinics where people went to fill their personal script.
I feel the City has not done their home work, if they did -they would not be closing down the much needed clinics. CA has received billions of dollars by now and I’m sure like anything else it gets dribbled down to Cities. What kind of city allows you to start a business then closes you down.
There was a study ( i will post copy when found) in which its information revealed a reduction in the crime rate. more tomorrow

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